Planting Potatoes In Fall


Learn about planting potatoes in the fall. They actually grow through the winter and then in spring the top part of the plant comes up and you can dig your potatoes early enough to still put in more crops. Although the author  does this in North Carolina it might work in other places.

planting potatoes in fall

The rows are dug deep and leaves are put both under and over the potatoes so the rains and melting snow provide moisture to help them break down and provide the nutrients the potatoes needs. So all winter the potatoes are growing and come spring you only need to wait for the green plant to grow and then you can dig your potatoes.

I have never heard of this but I want to try a small area this winter. Since I am in Wisconsin it may be too cold for them to make it through and grow potatoes over the winter, but potatoes are inexpensive and I am will to give it a go. Robert L. Williams wrote the article on Backwoods Home. You might also like this video on


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