GardeningPlanting Potatoes How To Prep and Plant

Planting Potatoes How To Prep and Plant

If you are thinking of growing potatoes in the garden this year check out this tutorial for planting potatoes how to prep and plant.
The potato belongs to the family of the perennial Solanum tuberosum. This is the fourth largest food crop in the world right behind rice, wheat, and maize. Peru’s Inca Indians were the first ever people who cultivated potatoes during 8,000 BC to 5,000 BC.

Planting Potatoes How To Prep and Plant

According to Potatoes USA, the Spanish Conquistadors conquered the country of Peru in 1536. This was when they discovered potato’s flavors and brought these with them to Europe. Before the 16th century ended, families of the Basque sailors started to cultivate potatoes along northern Spain’s Biscay coast. In 1589, Sir Walter Raleigh introduced the crop to Ireland, planting them on a land spanning 40,000 acres near Cork. It took almost 40 years for potato to spread to other parts of Europe.

Soon after that, European agriculturists discovered that potatoes are easier to cultivate and grow compared to other staple crops like oats and wheat. What is most important is that it was found out that potatoes contained majority of the vitamins required for sustenance. Aside from that, they could also be given to almost 10 people for every acre of land being cultivated.

To this day, potatoes remain to be a favorite all over the world. Their health benefits were further discovered, making them even more in demand staples in kitchens of millions of households. This is why it is not a surprising that more and more people have become interested in planting the crop.

When it comes to planting potatoes, a lot of preparation is necessary to ensure that you will have the best harvest. In this article,  Seed Savers shares some of the most important tips on how to prepare potato spuds for planting. She discusses in details the key pointers on having a successful and fruitful potato planting for you to enjoy the tastiest harvest you deserve.

Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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