DIY ProjectsPlatform Storage Bed From Kitchen Cupboards

Platform Storage Bed From Kitchen Cupboards

Platform Storage Bed From Kitchen Cupboards Purchased From Ikea

This is an awesome way to build a bed that also provides cabinet storage and a huge storage space under the bed. It is perfect for a small room since the storage takes up no space in the room at all. It was built from cabinets purchased from Ikea and some lumber for framing and the platform of the bed.

Platform Storage Bed From Kitchen Cupboards
Chris Heider

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This is a full size bed so it is great for a teen or an adult. If you have a really small room I think you could work it out for a twin bed, you just wouldn’t have as much storage space. Also if you did it for a twin for a younger child you may regret not having made the full size when you need to redo it because you teen is needing a bigger bed.All the cabinets have their shelves in them except the center one on the outside edge of the bed.

The shelves and back were left off of it to allow access to the storage area under the bed. He even installed a light under the bed so you can see when you are in the storage area looking for something. All in all this is a neat re-purpose and a great bed.    Chris Heider built the bed and you can see the video on Tip Hero.

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