KnittingPlayful Medusa Snake Yarn Hat Knitting Project

Playful Medusa Snake Yarn Hat Knitting Project

This playful Medusa snake yarn hat knitting project is a really fun piece of wearable Greek mythology. A confident bold homesteader can find the humor in this fashion statement.

Playful Medusa Snake Yarn Hat Knitting Project

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Not everything in the self-sufficient homesteader lifestyle needs to be a survival skill. This article describes a fun and enticing project for the homesteader to create either just for fun, for a holiday celebration or for warmth with a kick of unusualness to it. Some days it’s better to focus on some good old family fun time instead of always focusing on survival needs and situations.

How about a little Medusa madness for a great creative distraction? It appears that this costume hat could be created step-by-step which means it could easily be incorporated a little at a time making for a good relaxing moment or two within your day. The skills you need to know to create this masterpiece are good knitting skills and the ability to felt your knitting so that it takes on the texture and appearance that is desired.

The pattern is available for free and can be used for the perfect Halloween costume idea. The creativity possibility is endless on this piece with the tongues and eyes of each snake making the cap truly original. If you have children or just need a good costume idea for a Halloween party for yourself, this cap could be your answer. The colors are perfect, though you could change them around to fit what you are looking for and make it personalized for you.

The size of yarn you choose for this project may make a difference in how it turns out as well. Whether you want to be able to see each stitch easily after felting your snakes or how stiff you would like each snake to be on your finished cap will be determined by your yarn choice. Obviously the thicker the yarn choice the stiffer each snake will be.

The ability to see each stitch will be determined by size as well as what the yarn is made from. The best yarns for felting are wool based yarns, so that may be your best choice in yarns for this project. If you have your own spun yarns and dye it the colors you want, you will be way ahead of the game for your costume. If that is the case, you are a true self-sufficient homesteader who loves a bit of fun added to your lifestyle!

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Melissa Francis
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