CraftsPolish Smooth Glass Bottle Edges After Cutting

Polish Smooth Glass Bottle Edges After Cutting

How to polish smooth glass bottle edges after cutting can be done in a few steps while following all safety precautions.

Plastic bottle can be cut in half to reuse for projects, but so can glass bottles. Obviously, it isn’t as easy with a scissor, so it must be cut – not smashed into pieces where one can cut themselves – to get a circular appearance at the bottle’s neck.

Polish Smooth Glass Bottle Edges After Cutting

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Once that is made, the bottle can be polished and smoothed down. Get some water and sandpaper that has different levels of grit on it to smooth down the toughest cuts on the bottle.

It should be noted that, when sanding the glass, have eye goggles on because of the dust it makes. Safety first! For the first round of smoothing, get an 80-grit sand paper, wet it so the glass particles don’t fly everywhere, and sand it circularly. Work it for a few minutes and don’t be afraid to put on some pressure. Once it feels flat, wipe the grit remains for the next step, which is to repeat with different grip paper. First, with 150-grit, then 220-grit, then 320-grit, and finally, 400-grit; sand the surface and edges for a few minutes each time.

Polish Smooth Glass Bottle Edges After Cutting
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Afterwards, comes the polishing part. Once again, repeat the whole process with 1000-grit and 2000-grit paper, slowly improving the surface’s edges to create a perfect brim of a cup to drink from. Yes, a beer glass bottle is now a polished cup to use for anything to drink – including alcohol. Homemade glass cups are another good DIY project.

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