ChickensPortable Chicken Tractor Enclosure DIY Project

Portable Chicken Tractor Enclosure DIY Project

How to build a Portable Chicken Tractor Enclosure DIY Project is made with lightweight inexpensive materials that can produce a a wonderful moveable enclousure with a little hard work.

Portable Chicken Tractor Enclosure DIY Project - Homesteading - Chickens

Is just what chickens need to safety get out of their coop and onto fresh green grass for they to peck and eat.

Buy the following to construct this: three rolls of 2′ x 10′ cloth for hardware use, a bag of cable ties, five pieces of 10 ft. x 1/2″ PVC pipe, eight pieces of tri-way PVC ½” elbows, two pieces of ½” teed PVC pipe, a set of PVC cement, wire cutters, and a saw.

Make sure the pipes are then cut off at these measurements: five pieces of 5-footers, two pieces of 4-footers, four pieces of two-footers, and four pieces at 23.5 inches. There will be an inch left after construction; it can be tossed. If desired, the pipes can be painted and dried before building it.

Once they are all cut and set out, spread them on the ground outside and begin constructing and attaching. The tri-way elbows are the corners. The 23.5-inch pieces will be two on each side, constructed as the main sides of the run. The two-footers are the height of the run, the four-footers are the width, and the five-footers will be the vertical length. This includes the one piece that runs down the middle at the top to give support for the roof.

Once it is set up,simply cement andtie up the corners and sides. Stick each zip tie 2-3 inches apart along each pole to tie down the hardware cloth. Any extra can be cut off to even everything out. The chicken run is finished and they can be placed in there safely anywhere in the field.

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