RecipesPotato And Cheddar Wrapped In Bacon Tart

Potato And Cheddar Wrapped In Bacon Tart

What can taste better than stacks of potato slices covered in cheddar cheese and then wrapped up inside of two pounds of bacon and baked like a tart? Not many things that I can think of. This dish looks delicious. What a great way to make a potato side dish that is anything but boring. Lets face it, bacon makes things taste good. People like bacon so much you will find recipes that make candy, cup cakes  and even bacon jam out of it. For folks that don’t eat meat or don’t eat pork but would love to enjoy that great taste there are some scientists in Oregon that have developed Dulse which is a strain of seaweed that tastes like bacon.

It is also loaded with protein and has double the nutritional value of kale. ABC News shared an article on it. While I don’t think it would work for the bacon tart since it consist of red leaves it might be good in pretty much any other way you use bacon. For the folks that do eat bacon, you will probably love this dish, I know I will.  PEIPotatoes shows how to make it in a video. He uses a stainless steel saute pan to bake the tart in, and two whole pounds of bacon is wrapped around that cheesy potato filling. It looks so good. I really need to make this.



Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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