RecipesPotatoes In A Package For The Grill

Potatoes In A Package For The Grill

This recipe for grilling potatoes in a foil package looks simple and the gorgeous colors of the potatoes look really appetizing and would go great with grilled chicken, beef, pork or even fish. I like grilling outdoors in the summer because it doesn’t heat up the house and the stove stays clean. I sometimes place a piece of chicken along with a couple of potato wedges, a few carrot sticks and a half ear of corn in foil and cook the packages on the drill. It is a nice way to make dinner and leaves almost no clean up because everything cooks right in the foil so you can lay the package on a paper plate and eat your dinner right out of the foil. Easypeasy. TheKitchn shares this recipe for potatoes in a package. For another great foil wrapped potato recipe you might like Sliced Bacon Potato Wrapped In Foil Camping Recipe.

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