Poultry Farm Uses Oregano Instead Of Antibiotics


There is a poultry farm that uses oregano oil instead of antibiotics on the chickens. A combo of oregano oil and cinnamon and it seems to be working very well. The owner says he has been using chicken food laced with the oregano and cinnamon oils for three years and has not had to resort to antibiotics to fight off bacterial infections that plague meat producers.

Poultry Farm Uses Oregano Instead Of Antibiotics

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This makes total sense to me since I have read The Cure Is in The Cupboard by Dr. Cass Ingram. In it he lists almost 200 conditions that oregano oil is good for. If this works in one poultry farm I hope they can start using it in all of them and we can get back to eating meat that doesn’t contain antibiotics. Oregano is good for a lot of things, it is anti microbial, anti fungal  and anti bacterial.

It is also an anti inflammatory and can help with pain. It also kills parasites which would probably be good for the chickens as well. I do wonder if eggs from chickens fed oregano laced food will taste like oregano but I like oregano and could live with that.


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