Emergency PreparednessPower Outage While Homesteading Emergency Supply Kit

Power Outage While Homesteading Emergency Supply Kit

This Power Outage while Homesteading Emergency Supply Kit is what every home needs to be prepared at the spur of the moment.
There is rarely an advanced warning of impending loss of electrical power which means lack of lighting, cooling for a refrigator, warm water from a hot water heater and more importantly either air conditioning or heat during those terribley cold months of winter.

Power Outage While Homesteading Emergency Supply Kit

It’s every family’s worst nightmare-the sudden power outage. There’s never a good time for one, and there is every chance that it will hit at the absolute worst time imaginable; at night, in the middle of a winter storm, and over a wide area. Depending on the severity of the problem, it may well last for a period of days, and not just a few hours.

If you live in an area that is at risk from extreme weather events, you can mitigate the seriousness of the situation with a bit of planning and organization, in the shape of an emergency supply kit. Remember, it is no use saying to yourself “oh I think we have enough items around the house to get through.” They need to be in one, easy-to-locate area, and you should have compiled the items from a thorough checklist. The list needs to include everything that you think will ensure as much comfort as possible for your family while waiting for power to be restored.

Below, we’ve divided up the items you should consider stockpiling into four categories; power, light, heat and cooking/eating. These should be the mainstays of your emergency supply kit.

~ Power ~

Unfortunately, if it’s a longer outage, you may well have to say “goodbye” to the contents of your painstakingly stocked freezer(s). As a general rule, food will only stay edible in a refrigerator for four hours without power, while supplies in your freezer will be unusable by the twenty four-hour mark. For short-term power needs, you should research purchasing items such as solar panels and a battery generator. You can use the solar panels to run electronic devices and recharge batteries. A battery generator will also power smaller devices. It’s also worth remembering that you will have no internet connection, so buy a battery-powered radio to keep up-to-date on news items about the outage.

A plentiful supply of flashlights is an absolute necessity. Buy a brand that is capable of using both AA and AAA batteries. It is also worthwhile storing mini flashlights around the house, such as in the bedroom and kitchen drawers. Stock up on long-burning candles, many of which give over a hundred-plus hours of light. Remember to include a few large boxes of matches in your emergency kit. And don’t forget to include ample packs of batteries of all types, both rechargeable and non-rechargeable.

~ Heat ~

If the power outage does occur in the depths of winter, staying warm is going to be of prime importance. A plentiful supply of extra blankets and sleeping bags should be on your checklist. Packets of hand and toe warmers are useful for putting inside bedding, as well as for obvious immediate body warming. You may want to look into purchasing either a gas or kerosene non-electric space heater, and there are a number of good models available.

Invest in a stand-alone cooking device such as a propane grill, or a camp stove. If you have a propane grill, make sure you have a spare propane tank. A large selection of canned, and other dried packet foods will ensure you don’t have to worry about the ongoing usability of any fresh meat or other produce in your refrigerator. Fresh fruit, such as apples, bananas and berries will stay fresh for a few days, but it’s always a good idea to have a a number of healthy snacks in your supply kit. Dried fruit and nuts, granola bars, and other protein bars are recommended. It may be that your water supply is uninterrupted, but you should make sure that you have plenty of bottled alternatives available.

This is not an exhaustive list by any standards, but it should provide you with a good starting point in assembling your own emergency supply kit. From this, you can begin to customize to your own family’s particular needs.

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