Predator Proofed Mobile Chicken Coop Tractor


A portable chicken coop, also called an ark or chicken tractor, is movable. It allows chickens to move to a different pasture or spot every day or as needed.
According to Home Chicken Coop,  there are different ways to construct mobile chicken coops with the use of different materials.

But, most of the basic guidelines for making regular chicken coops must be followed for you to raise a healthy brood of chickens in your portable coop. Most of the time, stationary coops are bigger than movable ones.
There are many benefits associated with using mobile chicken coops.

Feeding your chickens with diverse and nutritious diet by putting the coop in various locations will result in producing better quality eggs. Chicken meat is also going to have a much better flavor.
When you move the coop around your yard, you can keep your grass trimmed since the chickens will be eating it as a part of their daily diet.

Since chickens are being moved to new pasture spots on a frequent basis, the need for premixed foods will be decreased. The garden’s natural growth can supplement your chickens’ daily diet.
Portable chicken coops are often built with no floor and this eliminates major cleaning. The dropping of the birds are dropped directly on the ground that helps make it more fertile.

Since the coop will only be occupying a tiny area on your yard, it gives your garden a chance to completely re-grow before your chickens feed on the same patch again.
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