UncategorizedPreview of Light Absorbing Translucent Concrete

Preview of Light Absorbing Translucent Concrete

Translucent concrete is just what it sounds like: A concrete that allows light to pass through it. While it sounds like a bit of an oxymoron, translucent concrete is very much a possibility and two ways of making this concrete have been made. This concrete is perfect for statement walls and is often used in modern offices or art galleries.

The first way to produce translucent concrete is by placing fiber glass between two microns all going in the same direction. This is kind of an optical illusion because no light actually goes through the ‘concrete’, it just makes it look like the light is going through and that shadows or silhouettes are being cast through the concrete.

The second way to produce translucent concrete is by creating a polymeric translucent concrete. This works with the binding properties of the concrete so that they connect with other polymers, like plastic. By doing this, a person can make light shine through this concrete-like substance.

So, while making translucent concrete is a possibility, both manners are a bit deceptive. Yes, they allow the compound to let light shine through them, but both change the properties of the concrete. One does this through an optical illusion and one by changing the chemistry of the concrete.

Even though translucent concrete isn’t quite a reality, it’s still a beautiful thing to look at, in both its forms. And, as modern design and architecture moves towards these styles, it will probably be showing up more and more.

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How to Build with Light Absorbing Translucent Concrete
How to Build with Light Absorbing Translucent Concrete


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