CraftsPrinted Transfer Designs onto Pillowcases Craft Project

Printed Transfer Designs onto Pillowcases Craft Project

This incredible Printed Transfer Designs onto Pillowcases Craft Project is detailed in this step by step tutorial.

Printed Transfer Designs onto Pillowcases Craft Project

Thinking of making a custom designed gift or something for the bedroom? How about a pillow with a special message written on it? We like to get posters or even motto of a quotes to live by. Putting them on a pillowcase where the head can rest every night is a creative idea. Get a short sentence of phrase, which means something or is very important. Maybe it can be the name of a person, a nickname, or even the face of a person. (That is possible, just like a tattoo.) It’s the kind of cool gift to give to children.

Three things are needed to make this project:

Cotton Pillowcases

Plastic Sheet Coating

Inkjet Printer

First, trim the plastic sheet cover to slide it through the inkjet printer. The ink will be wet on the plastic, just press the sheet down onto the pillowcase. This is important because this is an easy mistake to do: have the image reversed when it is printed out.It has to be reading from the right once placed on the pillowcase.The best font for the case is the serif font.

This project took 10 to 15 minutes to complete – that’s it.It is such a fantastic gift that is custom made for anyone and for any occasion. This is a personal gift easy to make and very telling to the person who is getting it. Or, just simply make one to put your own head on. In any case, it’s just really, really cool.

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Melissa Francis
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