PetsPrograms That May Help Pay For Your Pet Care

Programs That May Help Pay For Your Pet Care

Programs that may help pay for your pet care if you are unable. We all run into rough times in our lives and a lot of us are pet owners. I know I have seen lots of articles from pet rescue places telling about how some folks end up surrendering a pet or in even worse cases abandoning a pet that they can not afford to care for or get medical help for. This is a round-up of 12 different programs that may help if you are ever faced with that type of scenario.

Programs That May Help Pay For Your Pet Care

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I know some folks have lost jobs and with all the different weather related calamities some pets have been moved way down on the list of priorities and in some sense I can understand you need to put children and food and shelter first, but the family dog is dependant on you snd thinks it is part of the family. Hopefully one of these programs can help anyone in this type of situation. If you know of a program not listed please add it to the comments on the facebook page so maybe it could help a pet somewhere. Possibly we can make the list grow from 12 to many many more. This round-up is from I Heart Dogs.

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