Propane Tank To Rocket Stove Conversion

Propane Tank To Rocket Stove Conversion

Learn how to take a propane tank to rocket stove by following along on these videos. You will see how to start with a propane tank and in the last video you will see how well the rocket stove turned out as chicken is fried on it. The rocket stove looks really nice when he is done and it is useful and can be taken anywhere. You could take it to camp. I can even see this on a boat to be taken ashore if you go ashore to cook the evening meal and again in the morning to make breakfast. There are 4 videos. Three will show how me made the rocket stove and the 4th is where you can see him fire it up and bring water to a boil so we can see how fast it works. Nice re-purpose

Propane Tank To Rocket Stove ConversionThese videos are from BCtruck, rebuild, repair,repurpose. He does a really great in-depth tutorial over a few videos so that you can see every single step to making this nice looking rocket stove. It is always so great to see something being repurposed rather than discarded. We live is such a throw away society and it seems most things are meant to be disposable that when I see something like this, I like to shout Kudos!

See the stove in action…..

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