Emergency PreparednessProtecting a Child in an Active Shooter Attack

Protecting a Child in an Active Shooter Attack

These tips can help a parent protecting a child in an active shooter attack and increase the percentage of surviving. We all are living in very dangerous times, one only needs to turn on the television and watch the evening news or go online to see countless examples of all of the terrible violent crimes being committed all over. This makes it very stressful for mothers of small children who are fearful that they could find themselves in middle of an active shooter scenario.
Protecting a Child in an Active Shooter Attack

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Whether they are dropping their kids off at the school they attend or running errands at a local shop, there is no telling when the situation may present itself.

One way to be sure that you are ready for a situation like that is to get helpful tips on the best way to handle an active shooter situation. These articles are often written by experts with years of law enforcement experience such as FBI agents, tactical team members or SWAT members. This particular article is written by a mom that took the time to research the topic of surviving an active shooter situation.

Benefits of following How to protect a child during an active shooter attack

● Article in written in an easy to follow format

● Article is filled with plenty of useful tips and suggestions designed to keep you safe

● Article includes several full color pictures and diagrams that depicts several topics

Click here to read about a parent protecting a child in an active shooter attack:


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