DIY ProjectsProtective Hinged Raised Garden Bed Cover Project

Protective Hinged Raised Garden Bed Cover Project

How to build protective hinged raised garden bed cover project creates a barrier from flying predators. This detailed step by step tutorial can be accomplished in a single weekend.

A covered support structure positioned over your raised beds protects plants from pests from helping themselves to your prize tomatoes. It is totally worth the effort.

Protective Hinged Raised Garden Bed Cover Project

Building a raised garden bed comes with its many benefits, apart from giving your backyard a nice look, your plants get to receive six hours of sunshine daily, and good air circulation. However, there are days when the elements can be a little too harsh. There you seriously need to consider getting a covered support structure which will be placed over your raised garden beds, to protect the plants from pests helping themselves to your valuable tomatoes, or from harsh temperatures such as snow and frost.

While these raised bed covers with hinges protect your plants from pest, high winds, hail, and other extreme temperatures, you might also want to consider the effect on the plants. One thing about vegetables is that they need a lot of tending to, in other words, you will always be pulling off on the cover – and come one day, you miss putting back the cover, and that’s when the pests decide to go on a hunting party.

~ Wood Cuts

(4) 1x2x72in

(4) 1x2x47in

(4) 1x2x36in or (4) 1x2x16in

~ Optional for Large Cover

(8) wood corner brackets for extra stability

I used scrap 1×2 board and cut them about 5 inches long

~Tools & Supplies

A miter saw to cut the wood to size

measuring tape & wood glue

a drill (I am using the Matrix and love it)

Kreg Pocket Hole Tool

Screws – I used the 1 1/4 inch Kreg Pocket Hole


Plastic Fencing

Staple Gun to use to attach plastic fencing

Hinges (at least 2 per cover) – I used ones that were small as that is what I had. Larger would be best.

Clamps or something to secure wood after glued (I used bricks)

Optional: wire (I used jewelry wiring to “sew” the fencing material together)

To avoid finding yourself in such situation, we have decided to show you how to build a hinged cover for your raised beds, that way you can access your plants easily without having to row the cover or remove the bird netting each time you want to access the bed. Follow this simple guide to make your own raised garden bed cover with hinges.

Click here to read about how to build protective hinged raised garden bed cover project:


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Melissa Francis
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