DIY ProjectsPull Out Trash Can Kitchen Cabinet Plans Project

Pull Out Trash Can Kitchen Cabinet Plans Project

This Pull Out Trash Can Kitchen Cabinet Plans Project is a simple do it yourself (DIY) task that will make your kitchen look cleaner and safer from pets who like to dig in the garbage for a snack.

Pull Out Trash Can Kitchen Cabinet Plans Project

Have you had an issue with your kitchen garbage can being exposed to small children and pets (dogs and cats) ? Your solution may just be a pullout trash can cabinet! Well, it is quite simple. It can be done with any lower kitchen cabinet that has some depth.

All you need is some wood and variety of tools and you are on your way to making a pull-out trash can cabinet.

To do this you will need a few specific tools, drill bits, table saw, plug cutter, miter saw, face clamps, pocket hole jig, drill, framing square, and a level.

You will also need some specific wood to make this. You will need one 24’’ x 24’’ ¾ plywood, 1 24’’ x 24’’ ¼’’ plywood, 8’ 1×4 of pine, and 1 8’ 1×3 hardwood maple.

The rest of materials you will need to complete this project will be pocket hole screws, 22’’ drawer slides, and water based polyurethane.

You will want to use the wood to build your base for your trash cans. Using your saws cut the wood to size. Use proper protection when using the saws. Safety glasses and make sure to ask for help from an more experinced homestead builder buddy if you do not know how to use these tools.

Next, after this is done, install it into your cabinet. Then you will want to install some structure to let your trash cans slide on. Reinforcement if you will because most cabinets are not thick enough to put the sliders the screws into directly. Install this wood and then add your base and sliders.

Now you will put the cabinet door on your creation and you have a do it yourself trash can hideaway.

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Melissa Francis
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