WaterPump Water For Free Homesteading Style

Pump Water For Free Homesteading Style

How to Pump Water For Free Homesteading Style shares the process of moving your spring water to your cabin.

Pump Water For Free Homesteading Style

Although it seems impossible, it is possible to pump your own water out of a spring to your own cabin through a ram pump without the need of an electric power.

Believe it or not, but ram pumps have been around for at least 200 years, working with nothing but the force of the water running on pipes and two valves. However, if you are planning to buy one, you should reconsider it because a ram pump if expensive, but it is somewhat easy to build.

The parts you need to buy to build your own ram pump will not cost you more than $100, however, there is one specific part which cannot be bought and needs to be made out of a 1-inch street-ell which will be put inside a 2-inch street-ell and fixated with epoxy. After you have correctly built your ram pump, you need to place it on the desired spot that meets the requirement, in other words, you need a 4 gallons per minute of water flow, a 6-feet of fall and a certain amount of back pressure in the delivery pipe. Keep in mind that the intake pipe should not exceed 100 feet of length!

The ram pump works with the basic principle of inertia, in other words, it uses the “water hammer” to be able to pump water. Therefore, if you are planning to get a ram pump to your house, make sure to consider all options because a water hammer is destructive to pipes and fittings when happening inside the house.

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Melissa Francis
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