Purslane – Edible Botanical and Defense Garden Plant + Purslane Recipes


Its a weed, its a vegetable. Actually it is a weed that you can eat like a vegetable. A lot of folks spend all summer ripping purslane up by the roots trying to get rid of it. Little did they know they were getting rid of a natural healthy green. The whole thing is edible from the flowers to the roots.

   GRCivDef tells about it in his video and Roses prodigal garden has a list of recipes you can use it in. If you don’t have any to rip up and cook you can sow some seeds and then rip it up and cook it. Its a weed so it should grow just fine and probably will come back.












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Organic Golden Purslane Seeds – 200 mg – Botanical Interests

Outsidepride Winter Purslane – 5000 Seeds

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