SolarPut Together an Off The Grid SOLAR POWER System DIY Project

Put Together an Off The Grid SOLAR POWER System DIY Project

Put together an off the grid solar power system diy project will help you if are considering the leap to off-grid living. If you are thinking about using solar power as a way to run some or all of household electrical lighting and or appliances…. this is the tutorial for you.

Put Together an Off The Grid SOLAR System DIY Project

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Then you are going to need to do a lot of calculations in order to figure out how much power the solar panels will need to generate in order to supply enough electrical power. In order to do so, you would be best served if you have access to the information needed to make the necessary calculations.

For a off grid solar system you need four basic components

1. Solar Panel

2.Charge Controller

3. Inverter


This Do It Yourself project will cover all of that and help you to figure out what type of equipment you will need to invest money in. The rest of the project will be devoted to assembling and setting up the Solar panels and the rest of the components of the power system. While the project will help step you through it, you will need to already have a general understanding of electrical principles.

Benefits of reading and following the “Put Together an Off The Grid SOLAR POWER System DIY Project”

● This project is filled with plenty of information needed to establish the size of the solar panels

● The project also includes a downloadable step by step guide to constructing and setting up the system

● It also includes several full color photos and diagrams in order to give a visual representation

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Melissa Francis
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