Off GridQuestions Before Buying Off The Grid Land Purchase

Questions Before Buying Off The Grid Land Purchase

Questions before buying off the grid land purchase will help clear up very confusing proposition with so many things you need to take into consideration. If you are considering buying land so that you can build your family home on and you are seriously contemplating off the grid living then you really need to do your research. There are a whole lot of special circumstances that you need to take into consideration.

Questions Before Buying Off The Grid Land Purchase

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Being prepared for your search is paramount and having a resource like this article is a great place to start.

The author of this article has come up with a list of 15 questions that you should have answers to during your search for the best piece of land. The questions were all designed to ensure that you and your family would be able to effectively support yourself off the grid. Off the grid living is a very adventurous undertaking and requires a total commitment for it to work.

Benefits of reading and using the Questions Before Buying Off-grid Land Article

● A great resource for anyone thinking about living off-grid

● Each of the 15 unique questions addresses an important aspect of providing essential things in order to live disconnected from services

● It will save you from making a serious mistake when purchasing land

More things you should think about from our reader Sally:

We found out that there were many more additional things to consider – yes, after the fact. Here are a few that we ran into:
Will you have to carry additional (and pricey) homeowners and medical insurance – such as helicopter transport insurance in case of emergency – because of the remote location?
What local resources are available in case of wildfire, and will you be able to store enough water to save your place? Will there be others nearby who might help? And will there be additional fire protection fees in that area – and are insurance companies willing to provide insurance there?
Check the cost of that county’s permits and other fees before buying. Also check what the county’s current requirements are with regard to septic tanks so you’re not hit with surprises…
Find out how reliable the local phone, VoIP, or cell service is, and if there’s more than one service provider in that area. It matters.
Have the water tested. I can’t stress that enough. If at all possible find someone who’ll test for molds and fungus. The testing companies are only set up to test for giardia, e-coli, and the like. The fungus / mold in our water made us both sick…
Know that no matter how much research you do prior to buying rurally / off the grid, you’re going to be surprised by a lot. Trust that – and keep on keeping on.

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