RecipesHow to Make Quick Seitan

How to Make Quick Seitan

Seitan is a food that is made from the gluten in flour. Gluten is the main source of protein in flour. Seitan is often used in place of tofu which is made from soybeans. The seitan usually has a more meat like texture than tofu.

   The good thing about seitan is you can add what ever spices or seasoning you like to make the meat replacement you need for your recipe. If you are making an Italian dish, use Italian spices and seasoning. The same for a Mexican dish, use Mexican spices and seasonings.

   If you use seitan for your vegetarian diet and make your own, you know it can be a bit time consuming.

 has a recipe to make it really fast. I have never eaten seitan and folks that are gluten intolerant can’t eat it but I have seen some recipes using it and they look pretty good.

   If you would like a couple recipes for using the seitan, look to the right while watching the video and you will see many different recipes.

photo credit Delectable planet
photo credit Delectable planet





Vital Gluten Flour, 1 lb.

Kikkoman – Tamari Soy Sauce 8.5 Fl. Oz.


Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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