HomesteadingRain Tarp Design for staying Dry While Camping

Rain Tarp Design for staying Dry While Camping

This Simple Rain Tarp Design for Staying Dry While Camping just does exactly what it says it does. It is amazing when a person figures out a method that really works and is a generous person to share it with the world for free. We need more people like this in the world.

Rain Tarp Design for staying Dry While Camping

The tarp design should have a tight supporting rope that can be expansive to cover a whole area. Tie one-foot loops at the tarps’ corners through the corner grommets and adjusted for tension. The support rope in the center and corners must be tied about8 to 12 feet above the ground for headroom. Its benefits: the setup is minimal, drains collective water, it can be pole-free (with trees nearby), and works well with extra-large tarps to keep multiple dry under rainy conditions. With poles (as there may be no trees nearby), they can be constructed from 3/4″ EMT conduit and five-feet long. The joints come from two 5/8″ bolts linked together at the head; another 5/8″ bolt plus a 3/8″ bolt put together will be used for the pole top.When using them, tie the ropes first to leave a bit of slack beforeputting the poles upright.

Fabalous Points of Design:

– Minimum setup requires only 3 ropes and a tarp

– Drains water at only 2 points

– Does not collect pools of water

– Keeps the tarp high

– Area can be free of poles and trip hazards if trees are available

– Uses commonly available rectangular plastic tarps

– Works with large tarps


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To get the central rope 8 to 12 feet in a tree,tie a stick to a rope and throw it over a branch. Tie it around the trunk about a few feet off the ground. If it’s a palm tree or one with no branches, tie the rope around the whole tree with a bit of tension to prevent it from unfurling itself.  Get a second person to help set this up.  Use a paddle that has a T-handle to hook and pull the lasso when it’s time to take down the rope. It will all lead to a dry ground in inclement weather.

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