DessertsRainbow Jello Ring Recipe - With or Without Booze

Rainbow Jello Ring Recipe – With or Without Booze

This playful Rainbow Ring Recipe is a classic layered gelatin dessert can be made with booze (hard liquor) or without. Making rainbow jello ring is honestly a little more work than simple jello shots but the result is definitely more eye catching as is normally served at a big party or special event.

Jelly Shot Test Kitchen website shares this Rainbow Jello Ring Delight …. with or without alcohol.
Whether your serving it as a family dinner dessert (without the booze) or taking it to an adult 21 years and over St Patrick’s day party…. it will be a hit either way.

If you are going a party, you may want to use individual jello shot cups. Use a baking sheet and place empty cups in rows across until you fill the baking sheet is full. Use multiple baking sheets and stack them in the refrigerator upon each other when setting up jello layers.

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Rainbow Jello Ring Recipe - With or Without Booze
Rainbow Jello Ring Recipe – With or Without Booze

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