Garden BedsRaised Garden Bed Using Reclaimed Pallet Wood Project

Raised Garden Bed Using Reclaimed Pallet Wood Project

This raised garden bed using reclaimed pallet wood project is detailed in a step by step tutorial.

Raised Garden Bed Using Reclaimed Pallet Wood Project

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People like to have a raised garden instead of digging one in the yard. There are reasons why and various ways to do build one. It’s a nice Do-It-Yourself project. With three to five shipping pallets, three 2 x 4’ x 8’ lumber pieces, a whole lot of galvanized wood screws, plastic sheeting, and landscaping fabric, a beautiful raised garden will be made in your backyard.

Dismantle the pallets to rid of nails and staples it may have to make them wood useful. Then, trim the boards to the desired length with clean and squared cuts. Measure the supporting boards and cut them to whatever is their required length. Here, there should be 6 outer supports, 4 inner supports, and 1 long horizontal support stringer. With the outside supports, make one end of them into a spike so they could penetrate the ground to stabilize the garden; usually, 4 inches is the number to get into the ground.

Recommended Tools:

Table Saw (not required, but recommended)

Circular Saw and/or Reciprocating Saw

Cordless Drill (Two will be helpful for quicker assembly: one to drill pilot holes and one to act as screwdriver)

Pry bar




Tape Measure


Garden pick, mattock, or post-hole digger

Staple gun

5/8-in. Staples (too long a staple and you might punch through your wood)

Next, the outdoor supports should be assembled with the spiked ones, drilled for pilot holes, and screwed in to support it. Remember to leave 4-6 inches on the bottom to get into the ground and nail to the top supporting boards. This is for all four sides of the raised garden, although the short sides don’t need the spike. Assemble them all outside where you want it and have that support stringer cut in the middle of it, creating two squares inside the garden. The liner and plastic sheeting comes inside the garden first as a shield. Dig in where the spiked parts will go, stick it in, and then fill it with soil to plant away.

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Melissa Francis
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