ChickensRaising Chickens from Firsthand Knowledge

Raising Chickens from Firsthand Knowledge

Every homesteader could use some tips about raising chickens from firsthand knowledge. Before you just jump right into chicken farming, you need to make some considerations of the realities involved.

Raising Chickens from Firsthand Knowledge

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Homesteading may mean natural but just thinking you can handle a business proposition like raising chickens before you know what is involved is a sure recipe for failure.

Prepare for the economic realities. You need to determine the number of eggs or the number of birds that you must sell to make a profit. If your preference is not to kill animals, then you must include additional costs for maintenance of older birds and burial of the deceased in a safe and environmentally conscious manner. The idea is to make a profit.

Chickens are not like house pets. You will have to get used to the natural and constant sounds that chickens make. Feeding, health care, watering, and raising infant chickens can be studied in books but the day to day life of a chicken farmer must be lived to be understood.

Your first lesson in chicken behavior is that the birds are wild and tame at the same time. Growing attached to animals is normal but you may have difficulty sending a friend off to be processed. The decision to produce eggs or poultry must be made early to avoid emotional problems.

Many people who want to live the back to land kind of lifestyle want to see chicken farming as an environmentally neutral livelihood. If the care and raising of the chickens is done with natural foods and care for the animal is a respectful way – a delicious chicken will be the result.

The following are 10 real world tips and tricks that will make your first chicken farming experience easier on your mind and profitable.

Click here to read about the process of raising chickens from firsthand knowledge:

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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