HomesteadingRaising Rabbits An In-depth Look

Raising Rabbits An In-depth Look

For anyone that has been wanting to raise rabbits, here is a lot of really good in-depth info on pretty much all aspects of raising rabbits. Whether you plan to raise them for breeding, as pets or as meat or even if you just want a couple of the to make great fertilizer for you this article will answer any questions you might have. Everything is covered beginning with housing and going right on through feeding and mating the bucks and does. You will learn that the bigger rabbits are better suited to keeping outdoors as they can handle the cold better, although heat or too much sun can kill them. If you do keep your rabbit outdoors you will need to protect them from predators. Rabbit manure which you can catch in containers right under the cages makes an excellent fertilizer for your garden and it doesn’t need to be composted.


One thing that I learned from this article that I didn’t know is that you must keep rabbits in separate cages because they are very territorial and will fight to defend their own space. If you are breeding rabbits it seems it is better to breed and older doe at the same time as a young doe in case there are a lot of baby bunnies, some of the extras can be given to the older doe to nurse because if the younger doe gets too stressed she might kill the babies. Lake Livingston shares this info on rabbits and they have covered everything to do with raising them.


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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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