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This Rapidobe Alternative Building Method for Walls DIY Project will open your mind to a whole new way to approach creating walls, retaining walls, benches and shelves.

Rapidobe Alternative Building Method for Walls DIY Project

Rapidobe is an organic home built with materials that allow you to make a new home in a quicker, inexpensive, and simpler manner. With any type of dirt, including the use of gravel, it is a wonderful choice to make on any type of terrain. This new material creates the walls as sturdy as concrete, even when the house is below ground level to keep out leaking water and dirt from coming in, and can be made for built-in shelves within the walls. It’s another home style that is very Eco-friendly.

The foundation requires a trench filled with plenty of gravel and a bit wider than the walls. The posts are then placed two-to-three feet apart and directly opposite of where the walls will be and let them lean a bit inward rot ensure a roof. Tie up a C-purlin to every post along the outside line; a self-tapping metal screw can also do. Here is where the rafters will be attached to. A large piece of hail screen should be cut, about twice a long as the wall, and wrapped around the inside posts. Repeat with vinyl tarp; the posts should be tied from one side to the other side with steel wire along the bottom. The screen can be folded into a U-shape, which will safely hold the rapidobe.

Fill it up and fold over with the screen. The vinyl tarp will start to break down and becomes less resistant to water, so plaster the ceiling.

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To see more pictures and the complete build check it out on Vela Creations….http://velacreations.com/?s=Rapidobe

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