HolidaysRead About The Dark History Of Mother's Day As It Turns 100

Read About The Dark History Of Mother's Day As It Turns 100

Ah consumerism and the things it ruins. The absolute number one thing ruined thing in my opinon is tap water. We all have perfectly good tap water coming from our taps for pennies per gallon and yet millions of folks spend big money to drink bottled water.

That advertising gimmick I am sure will have an exalted place in advertising history ( I mean think about it, we can walk into the kitchen and open the tap and have a glass of water, yet so many people go to the store and buy bottles of water using time effort and gasoline and polluting the earth with all that plastic that never ever goes away.

For what purpose? Most bottled water isn’t even regulated and so probably comes out of a city tap for mere pennies per gallon!) End rant.

Here we have an article by National Geographic sharing how a day created by Anna Jarvis was meant to be special and private turned into a multibillion dollar business. I never knew the history of Mother’s Day till now and it is kind of a sad story.


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