Raising LivestockReading The Tires On Your Horse Trailer

Reading The Tires On Your Horse Trailer

For folks that need to haul horses around this article will tell you how to read the tires. You will learn which tires are the safest and what capabilities the different tires have. It seems that every bit of info you need to know about the tires is right there on the sidewall.

Reading The Tires On Your Horse Trailer

You just need to know what it all means. In the article from Equisearch you will see what each of those number and letters mean. As long as the tire is from the year 2000 or newer, they must have all of this info on them. While some folks probably think tires for a truck would be fine for a horse trailer, it turns out that this is not true due to the different type of suspension the trailer would have compared to a truck.

You will learn what kind of speed range and load range the different tires have and even the month and year of birth of the tire. There is a load of info on the tires and you will learn what all of it means and which tires should be on your horse trailer for both your and your horses safety.

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