GardeningReal Cost of Growing Homesteading Garden

Real Cost of Growing Homesteading Garden

Finding the real cost of growing homesteading garden is all about finding out how to save big by growing produce in your own backyard.

Real Cost of Growing Homesteading Garden

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Depending upon the size, about $25 to $50 are spent on seeds and the cost can go down if seeds are saved from each year’s harvest. Boards are needed to raise the beds up and lumbar cedar is preferred for the beds. It costs $50 to $2,200 depending upon the size of beds. Raised beds are mostly 3 to 4 feet wide with at least 12” soil. If you are using cement blocks, bulk soil, 5 raised beds cost less than $500. David N. used 14 raised beds (4 boards high) with 2×6” treated lumber making each box 22” tall. ½” can be used on the inside to keep the boards aligned filling it with leaf compost. Each 4×12′ box cost about $45.

Kelly J. used 8 raised beds made from recycled deck wood and spent $300-$400 on dirt. Sherry G. made 3 8x8x12” raised beds and a greenhouse making the total cost $500. Jerry S. had 9 3×5 raised beds costing $2200 that doesn’t include soil or seeds and net covered top.

Old metal carport or shed frame can be used to build a greenhouse and greenhouse plastic and fasteners can be bought for $300. Garden can be fenced with mesh gauge bought for around $80. This method can save a lot of money. With just bean and tomato crop, over $500 can be saved.

With just the garden, not counting the plants, close to $1,000 can be saved on food per year.

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Melissa Francis
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