HomesteadingReasons to Join the Urban Homesteading Revolution

Reasons to Join the Urban Homesteading Revolution

These reasons to join the urban homesteading revolution are why so many people are changing their lifestyles. Homesteading has evolved throughout time as more and more generations pass on the virtues of homesteading to their kids. Living a simple life is very rewarding and satisfying for so many who have given up all of the material things to find real happiness living off the land. They leave all the stress of the day to day life in the big cities and suburbs to grow their own foods, raise livestock and build their home on a piece of property they own.

Reasons to Join the Urban Homesteading Revolution

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Today, thanks to the very precarious economic times we are living, there seems to be somewhat of a revolution that is bringing homesteading principles into the urban setting. People are looking for ways to save money, eat healthier and cut down on the effects of their day to day lives.

This article focuses on 7 specific reasons that homesteading principles can be used in an urban environment.

● The article helps to show that even urbanites can realize the power of homesteading

● Describes how you can use 7 common homesteading principles without leaving the city

● Uses several full color charts and diagrams to help reinforce some of the principles

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7 Reasons to Join the Urban Homesteading Revolution



Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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