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Reasons Why Your AC May Not Be Cooling Your Home

The sweltering summer is perhaps the toughest season to deal with. You don’t feel like stepping out and your home may also not feel cool enough unless your air conditioner system performs superbly. Countless homeowners face similar woes during summers and you may have faced it as well. Nothing can be worse than an AC system that is not performing optimally. Obviously, you would want to address the issue at the earliest and finding the exact cause is the first thing to do. This could be easier said than done because the reason why your AC system may not be cooling effectively can be diverse and unexpected. Let us list a few of them for you.

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Your AC is of the wrong size

Essentially, you need to be careful about installing an air conditioner of the right size and specifications. Of course, you need to size up your home and invest in a system accordingly. A small unit cannot achieve the right temperature for a mansion even if it runs the entire day. So this is one reason why you may not be getting the desired temperature for your living space. 

Your home is not well insulated

Another simple reason why your air conditioner may not be cooling properly is that your home is not well insulated. Even if an optimal temperature is reached, hot air from outside makes way inside from cracks and crevasses and elevates the temperature. You can easily prevent this issue by identifying such openings and sealing them for good.

The AC needs repair and maintenance

You may have the right-sized unit and the place may be well insulated, but cooling the home could still be a challenge. This often happens if you are careless about the repair and maintenance needs of your home air conditioner. A periodic maintenance schedule is mandatory to keep the system in great condition. At the same time, you should call experts for AC repair Las Vegas as soon as you detect a sign of damage. Timely action can lower your energy bills and prolong the life of the system.

Humidity levels are too high

Excessively high humidity levels could impact the performance of your home AC to a considerable extent. In such a situation, you will notice that the area near the unit is cool while the rest of the living space remains comparatively warmer. Moreover, you may feel sticky and clammy as well. Installing a dehumidifier can resolve the problem while you may also consider buying a new AC with dehumidifying capabilities. 

An old unit needs replacement

If your AC unit has been running for several years and does not seem to provide optimal cooling, it may be time for a replacement. Like any other appliance, air conditioners also have an average life span. Even if you are regular with its maintenance, a replacement will still be needed somewhere down the line. This is something you should not ignore because you may end up paying huge energy bills by running an old and ineffective unit for long hours.

As a smart homeowner, you should be watchful about these signs and take the relevant action as needed. 

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Heather Jones
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