GardeningRecognizing Lady Bug Larva to Avoid Killing Them

Recognizing Lady Bug Larva to Avoid Killing Them

If you are a gardener then you know about pollination and how without pollinators the garden just won’t produce. In this article you will see what the lady bug larva looks like so you won’t end up killing it by mistake. It doesn’t look anything like the adult lady bugs and actually looks like it would be a bad bug.

Recognizing Lady Bug Larva to Avoid Killing Them

With the honey bees dying out we gardeners need all the pollinators we can get.  The lady bugs pollinate but the also provide another great benefit in that they  eat other insects like mites and one of their favorite meals are aphids. Lady bug love aphids and so if you are lucky enough to have some that are living and breeding in your yard and garden you don’t want to be killing off the larva.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have lady bugs around to pollinate and keep the garden cleared of aphids. If you are not luck you can add lady bugs to your garden.  You can buy a container of live Lady Bugs and let them loose in your yard and garden.   You can even provide a home for them  and other pollinators with an Insect Habitat where different beneficial insects like lady bugs can nest.

Lady Bug Larva

This way you will be upping the odds that your garden will not only be extremely well pollinated but that you will have a variety of good bugs eating the bad bugs from your garden plants.  The best part is that it will be done all natural with out using any kinds of poisons or chemicals. Read more about Lady Bugs and learn how to recognize their larva in this article from Tyrant Farms.

Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
Raised in rural Montana and educated in Mechanical Engineering and Sustainable Development, Paige Raymond combines a practical mindset with a passion for self-reliance and sustainability. With expertise ranging from mechanical solutions and food preservation to emergency preparedness and renewable energy, Paige is a proud author with more than 5000 published articles.

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