CraftsRecycled Hummingbird CD Disc Art Craft Project

Recycled Hummingbird CD Disc Art Craft Project

This Recycled Hummingbird CD Disic Art Craft Project amazingly easy, truly beautiful and you get to repurpose those old damaged Cds and DVDS.

Recycled Hummingbird CD Disc Art Craft Project

Nothing adds joy as much as creative garden decoration that can blend into nature. If you are looking for a unique way to practice your craft skills and upgrade some old CD’s and DVD’s you have laying around the house….this crafting idea could be right up your alley.

Materials and Tools:

Some CDs

A small wooden sphere

A walnut-shaped wood to form the body

Hot silicone

Wood glue


Cooking shears


Black plasticine

Round balsa sticks

Vitraplom golden color

Fuchsia and purple markers

This Do It Yourself crafting idea was created by the author in hopes to help fellow crafters come up with a way to use their old CD collection.

It describes all of the necessary things that are needed in order to get started and it also describes in detail all of the necessary steps that are needed to be followed in order to get from the start to finish of the project.

Click here to read about how to create Recycled Hummingbird CD Disc Art Craft Project:

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Melissa Francis
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