CanningRed Hot Cinnamon Pickles By Paula

Red Hot Cinnamon Pickles By Paula

If you are looking for something different to can this summer, check out these red hot cinnamon sweet pickles. Made with the candy Red Hots these will have a cinnamon flavor and a red color. Paula shared the recipe with SB Canning and says these pickles are also known as Christmas Pickles. I would say this is due to the gorgeous red color. The recipe makes 7 pints of pickles and calls for 7 cups of sugar so I think these will be pretty sweet, although it is stated that if there is red hot syrup left over it can be saved and used for something else like a vinaigrette.

I have never tried these so I am not sure whether I would like them or not. I love dill pickles but I have never been fond of sweet pickles. I know a lot of people love sweet pickles so I thought for the folks that do love sweet pickles I would share the recipe. These might make a good gift at Christmas for the people in your life that like sweet pickles. I love the red color of them.


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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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