CraftsReflective Rainbow CD Disk Fish Art Craft Project

Reflective Rainbow CD Disk Fish Art Craft Project

This artistic reflective rainbow cd disk fish art craft project is a fabulous way to add a bit of colorful shimmer using scratched Cd’s.

Reflective Rainbow CD Disk Fish Art Craft Project

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Using simple crafting ideas and turn them into the perfect accent piece that will fit on the wall of your newly renovated room or outside in your garden space. This project is a new and unique idea for what you can do with all of those old CD/DVD disks that you have stashed away in closet or on their way to a recycling bin.

The creative project is designed in order to provide the reader a can repurpose just about anything into a cool design.

This craft project is a perfect way for the reader to use it to create an unique wall hanging that can be put on the wall in a new renovation. The information in the project is presented in a way that makes really easy to read and to understand. This little project was created in way that does not require too much DIY skills in order to get it finished.

Benefits of reading and following the Create a Reflective Rainbow CD Disk Fish Craft Project

● Use it to create an amazing looking accent piece that will go perfectly on any wall in your home or garden

● The project includes a complete listing of all of the necessary materials, supplies and tools needed

● It also includes an easy to download plan that comes with a complete step by step instruction guide

● You will also find numerous full color pictures that help to provide a good visual representation

Materials Needed:

CD’s, DVD’s, Bluerays, LaserDiscs,

Sheet of Plywood (MDF Panel)

2 – 3 Hasp’s & Enough Bolts and Nuts

Transparent Silicone Caulk Adhesive


Jig Saw



Reflective Rainbow CD Disk Fish Art Craft Project

Click here to read about how to create a reflective rainbow cd disk fish art craft project:


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