RecipesRefrigerator Lime Pickled Red Onions Recipe

Refrigerator Lime Pickled Red Onions Recipe

This refrigerator lime pickled red onions recipe is a such a simple award winning mouth watering snack that can also act as a relish – you will be making a batch weekly.

Refrigerator Lime Pickled Red Onions Recipe

As the creator of this recipe said “Starts pickling after about 20-30 minutes, it’s really a matter of preference how long you leave them in the fridge. I like a little crunch so I don’t usually let them sit all that long.”

This lime pickled red onion recipe is very simple, flavorful, and beautiful (imagining the bright pink color) to prepare. The combination with lime juice makes pickled onions a perfect fit for Mexican food.

It can also be blended with goat tacos (tostadas, enchiladas, any sort of taco) scrambled eggs, pita sandwich stuffed in broiled salmon, pulled pork sandwiches, salad with Romaine lettuce (or any other kind of salad), tomatoes and feta cheese, bagels and lox, grilled meat or fish, tuna, chicken, (or egg salad sandwich), sausage sandwiches, burgers (or turkey burger) as well as many other delicious recipes.

You will love this recipe if you do not eat the lime pickled red onion raw. Here we blanch the onions quickly in boiling water to expunge their pungent aroma, and then they are quickly pickled in a combination of salt and lime juice.

The recipe shouldn’t take less than five minutes to prepare. Your lime pickled red onions will be ready after sitting for about 30 minutes, and it gets better when left in the refrigerator for a day or even one week. Pickled onions could last for more than 3 weeks in the refrigerator.

This lime pickled red onions includes only three ingredients namely red onions (alternatively, you can use any other kind of onion, but you would miss out on the stunning hue), salt and lime juice. This article highlights the steps on our recipe for lime pickled red onions is prepared. So read on see how it is done below.

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