GardeningRegrow Basil Herb Plant from Cuttings in Water Project

Regrow Basil Herb Plant from Cuttings in Water Project

How Regrow Basil Herb Plant from Cuttings in Water Project in other words…. propagate (breed specimens of a plant by natural processes from the parent stock.

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Because the seedlings grown from Basil seeds are tiny and fragile when handling them, the easier way to grow the plant is by propagating using a starter plant. For the baby plants, you only need lots of sunshine and water.

The best plant to use would be one gotten from the garden center and not from the supermarket.

1. Pot the plant and give it plenty of sunlight. Leave it to grow well and when the shoots appear and grow to around 3-4 inches, cut them off and place in a transparent container filled with water.

2. Make sure to cut the shoots just below the first leaf node and plan for at least two shoots per container. Also, remove the side leaves, leaving the small ones that grow near the stem.

3. Ensure that the plants get lots of sun and that the water is always filled up and changed once every few days to avoid it looking milky.

4. The roots will start appearing after a week. They will be tiny at first and you have to wait until they have grown to at least 2 inches long before they can be transferred to a pot.

5. Fill small pots with compost and plant the baby plants, watering them well and providing enough sunlight. When the weather turns warm, the little plants can be taken out into the sun.

6. After six weeks, you can repeat this process once again to ensure you have a constant supply of Basil, all year round.

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