Relaxing & Soothing Essential Oil Blend Recipe



Most relaxing and soothing essential oil blend recipes have Lavender essential oil as a main ingredient but many people are overly sensitive  or have had  negative reactions.  Life can be overwhelming at times and everyone use a bit of help to keep calm and relax.

6 drops – Lime Essential Oil

6 drops – Grapefruit Essential Oil

6 drops – Bergamot  Essential Oil

2 drops – Sandalwood Essential Oil

Blend all essential oils together.

Can be  used in diffuser or place 6-8 drops in your bath and enjoy a nice long soak.

It can also be used as a fragrance perfume to keep an delicate air of calmness around you.

Fragrance perfume: Mix all the above ingredients together and add to a ” Roll-On Refillable Glass Perfume Bottle ”  then fill the remaining way to the top with Jojoba oil OR vodka.

Jojoba oil, if you prefer an oil to be rubbed in.
Vodka, if you prefer a non greasy roll on perfume.