How To Renew And Re-Season Cast Iron


If you have some rusted iron cook ware or some that has large amounts of black burned food buildup on them. Or maybe you see some iron skillets at a garage sale or in a thrift shop or maybe you have inherited some and it looks neglected.

Here is a nice tutorial on how to make them look like new again. From a nice hot fire to burn all the gunk off to adding oil and creating that fantastic non-stick surface we all love about iron skillets this  tutorial will get your, from yuck that this is ruined to wow looks like new and so happy you bought that or inherited those abused or neglected  iron pieces.

Then you can pass them along to someone because iron will last forever and since it can be brough t back to new there is never any reason to need to replace it. If you ever buy new you should use this same seasoning method before you ever cook in it for the first time.


Click here to see how to make your iron like new:



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