DIY ProjectsRepurpose a Baby Crib Into A Indoor Dog Crate Project

Repurpose a Baby Crib Into A Indoor Dog Crate Project

This tutorial of how to repurpose a baby crib into a indoor dog crate project is all about making do with what you got into what need beautifully.

Repurpose a Baby Crib Into A Indoor Dog Crate Project

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Dogs love crates if they’ve been trained to them early. Its cave-like feel with the ability to watch an approach is similar to cave dens of wolves in the wild. Cages are easy to find on the market but homemade is also an option. A crib that’s no longer in use can easily be re purposed to a dog cage with the right tools and know how.

Cribs commonly have both slatted sides and solid ones. It’s the perfect set of walls to realign for a dog cage. You will need to do some cutting. The cage for your pet is going to be an upside-down version of the crib for your grown up child. Cut one slatted side into two interlocking pieces as swinging doors. Simple hardware such as hinges and a slip lock for the door can be purchased at any hardware or DIY store.

You will need a drill and saw as well. Use caution cutting the edges flush on your new cage. The crib rails are borders for support and a sheet of plywood is needed for the top and bottom. Drill holes in the rails and crib sides for attachments and use wood glue to help secure the joints.

An easy idea to keep in mind are caster wheels. Once assembled, the crate will be more efficient if you can move it around easily. Another nifty idea is to cover the wood floor with peel and stick vinyl. It’s not only easier to clean than wood, it will protect it from rotting. Paint in the color of your choice and you are good to go. Read on for instructions on how to make a beautiful, re-purposed dog cage.

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