RePurpose A Changing Table into a Lego Table


Repurpose a changing table into a Lego table. Many families with multiple kids re-use much of the baby furniture in hopes to save a bit a money, but chances are they never do anything with the old furniture when the last child out grows them. If you are like the many parents who find yourself with a bunch of baby furniture taking up space in the attic or garage, this project would be perfect. It would be especially good if you have grandchildren who come to visit.

RePurpose A Changing Table into a Lego Table

This project comes from  Erin Spain and in it they share an interesting way to repurpose an old baby changing table. It describes in great detail how they used a bit of Do It Yourself skills with power tools and know how to break down the changing table into usable pieces of wood and transformed them into an activity table with a Lego theme.

Even if you don’t have children or grandchildren you can find used changing tables at garage sales and thrift stores and you could make these and sell them. Might be a source of a little income for someone retired or out of work.  The article includes a plan that lists all necessary materials, supplies and tools. The detailed plan includes a cut list for the wood(changing table) and construction guide. It also has numerous full color pictures that depict some of the stages of construction.


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