Easy Garden Trellis Upcycled From A Baby Crib


Items needed:

* Two hinges

* Two pieces of scrap wood ( using what you have lying around is a great way to save money )

*Eight – Fourteen screws

* Two sided of an old unused crib ( you can find them in yard sales and sometimes at the city landfill )

I was lucky enough to find a crib that was being thrown away at the local dump.

I promptly took it home and set to finding a way to reuse it.
Please understand the at the beginning of spring that my garden and my yard is not at it’s best. My ” To Do List ” is a mile long as is everyone’s, LOL.


Hinges take less than five minutes to install.


I am placing this trellis between two of my raised garden beds.

I figured why not grow in the unused air space between the raised beds.

I will most likely grow cucumbers or beans from one side, up, over and down the other side. It might become a shaded space for my dogs to retreat under while I am working in the yard from the summer sun.

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