Household TipsReturn Unwanted Junk Mail to Be Removed From Mailing List

Return Unwanted Junk Mail to Be Removed From Mailing List

This method of how Return Unwanted Junk Mail is a great way to get the companies to remove you from their mailing lists. The simple fact is they are wasting your time and precious paper resources but the most awful thing is that they rarely will remove you from their mailing lists by just politely asking them nicely. Because they make money of selling their mailing lists, it takes a little bit most aggressive tactics to persuade them.

Return Unwanted Junk Mail to Be Removed From Mailing List

Hate junk mail? Everyone does. People do a lot complaining but take no action. Here is your chance. However, there is nothing we can do to prevent them from sending it to us. There is no no-send list we can apply our addresses to. But, we can send the junk mail right back rather than putting it into the trash bin. It is fairly easy, get a weeks’ worth of mail and pick out those listed with “Business Reply Mail” on them. Get specifically those with that phrase plus the second phrase, “Postage will be paid by addressee.” Operation Mail Day can commence.

The businesses that send junk mail must pay to get their envelopes back and want us to fill out their forms to receive whatever they are offering. We don’t have to mail the offers back; it costs them nothing if we simply throw it away. But, we can send them whatever we want and – here’s the kicker – they must pay for it.Objects of annoyance to their cost: just shred what they sent you, pour into “no postage required” envelope and drop into a mailbox. Simple and easy !

That being said, we must be attentive to not send anything back that can harm someone. So, no powder or anything sharp, because this is how the anthrax scare of 2001 began. Stick with something harmless such as the papers they sent you; fill in the envelope, and send it back to them. Junk mail is unwanted and intrusive, so to play a joke they must pay return postage is a good form of non violent protest. They will get the message after a few of these envelopes comes their way.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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