CraftsReusable Wet Water Cooling Sponge Balls

Reusable Wet Water Cooling Sponge Balls

This step by step tutorial of how to make reusable wet water cooling sponge balls are inexpensive to make with almost no clean up after the kids are done playing. No tiny pieces of plastic balloons you have to pick up after a water balloon fight in fear the dog, cat, birds or even a small child may try to eat.


So, it’s summer, and summer gets hot. What’s a better solution than to play with water? Not just playing in water, though, why not throw it around? Sponges can absorb and hold water, so when you throw it around it’ll stay wet for a while. Besides, sponges are cheap and, unless you’re California, so is water.

Kids get bored easily, they’re balls of energy when they’re awake. The best way to tire them out is to have them do something they’ll enjoy, because they’ll be having fun and you won’t have to do anything. If you’re doing this for little kids, a sponge ball toss is probably the best idea. But if it’s for older kids, or adults too, you’re probably better off calling it a sponge ball fight because that’s what it’s likely to turn into.

Having fun in the sun is great when it’s not super hot, so make sure your water stays at least relatively cold; throwing around boiling water is no fun. This activity doesn’t even have to be for just the kids, you can join them, or even make a group of just adults, because adults need to have fun too.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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