DIY ProjectsRhubarb Leaf Cement Garden STEPPING STONE Project

Rhubarb Leaf Cement Garden STEPPING STONE Project

These rhubarb leaf cement garden stepping stone project are beautiful cement stepping stones to your garden can help create a creative path and keep your shoes out of the mud as you travel.

Rhubarb Leaf Cement Garden STEPPING STONE Project

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It can be a great DIY project for you, and can easily be made either at a corner of the garage or on a covered craft table. Cement garden stepping stone project is a great to get creative as it allows your personality, or that of your garden standout.

It is not a very difficult project and it doesn’t take much or require any special equipment in particular. All you will require to carry it out is a mold or leaf that is the size of what you want for the stepping-stones, with an open area to work on and just little time. Although there multiple small or large leaves that can be used to carry out this project, rhubarb leaves will work just fine as our focus here is the rhubarb leaf cement garden stepping stone project.

*** Materials:

few Rhubarb leaves

Chicken wire

a shady spot in yard

black trash bag

play sand

medium size stones

Portland cement

5 gallon bucket


garden trowel

Turning rhubarb leaves into garden stepping stones or a water fountain or a bowl for a birdbath is a very special way to use plants when decorating your garden.

Whether you planted your garden just to grow flowers, fruits or vegetables, this project is just the ideal decoration for garden space and it is very simple. Design beautiful and unique stepping stones for either your garden or your front walk using the below easy techniques from our DIY projects, complete with every instruction required for carrying out a rhubarb leaf cement garden stepping stone project.

Click here to read about how to make rhubarb leaf cement garden stepping stone project:

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