Road Legal Truck That Transforms Into A Tiny House Castle

Living Big In A Tiny House

          Take a tour of this amazing and awesome truck that has been turned into a tiny house castle. I know we have seen buses and other types of vehicles turned into tiny homes but this one  is my favorite so far. This tiny home has everything.

Living Big In A Tiny House

They have managed to build it in such a way that when they park it to live in it they begin expanding all the sections and the house just keeps on growing. They have multiple ways of heating water. A big kitchen with full size stove and oven, a shower, a small washer and dryer. Then at the very top they have a covered balcony with a rope woven swing and a full size bath tub.

     The man has even figured out a way to use the heat off the roof to dehydrate fruits and vegetables with a dehydrating stack of shelves that lowers down out of the turret. This thing is just incredible. They live totally off grid with their baby and yet if they want to move or go somewhere else they just compact all of it into the truck and they are street legal to drive off to their next homestead. Brilliant engineering.