ChickensRooster Spur Removal 2 Methods

Rooster Spur Removal 2 Methods

Rooster spur removal can become necessary sometimes when the spur gets too long for the rooster to walk on his feet without making allowances for the spur. It can also be because his spurs are wounding the chickens backs when mating or it may be that you have an aggressive rooster.

Rooster Spur Removal 2 Methods

An aggressive rooster will throw himself at you with the spurs aimed at you and they can cut you. this is how roosters fight. While getting started raising chickens in the backyard can a bit difficult since there are so many things to learn about your chickens. This video was designed to introduce the viewer to an easy method for removing this spur.

In the video from Gray Fox the 5th he shows us how he likes to remove the spurs using his dremel tool because as he cuts the spurs the tool gets hot and cauterizes the quick so there is no bleeding. I am also adding a link to an article from Livin Lovin Farmin, that uses the hot potato method for spur removal. In it the quick does bleed and you need to add quick clot to it or they make a spray.

The writer does provide a recipe for making quick clot that you can use. Both methods work. I think I would prefer the dremel method best because of the no bleeding but some make be leery of trying to use a dremel on a squirming rooster so the hot potato method would be best for them. Removing the spurs allows you to keep your rooster and still breed him where you might not want to otherwise.

Hot Potato Method>>>>

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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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